TurningPoint Audience Response System

The revolutionary way to interact with your audience!

turningpoint audience response

TurningPoint is the most portable, most user-friendly and most cost-effective Audience Response System available on the market.

The latest release of TurningPoint is the easiest-to-use and most powerful version to date, offering additional capabilities and an enhanced overall user experience. TurningPoint now consolidates the company's most popular products into one, simple interface for polling in PowerPoint®, polling in any application and self-paced polling.

TurningPoint integrates 100% into Microsoft PowerPoint®, allowing presenters to create multiple-choice questions on PowerPoint slides for the audience to answer using state-of-the-art wireless Voting Keypads.

Every meeting and classroom has different goals and needs for their participants. TurningPoint offers a wide variety of hardware and mobile response solutions to suit these varying objectives. ResponseCards are tested and proven to meet your specific audience or student response goals and objectives. Our interactive audience keypads feature the latest in response clicker technology and are among the smallest and lightest voting keypads in the industry.

Make your presentations more engaging

With the powerful TurningPoint Audience Response System you can:

  • Generate valuable feedback
  • Gauge your audience's opinions
  • Create an interactive environment
  • Fully engage your audience
  • Test knowledge retention
  • Capture voting decisions
  • Assess and train

TurningPoint is cost effective, simple to use and gives immediate results:

  • Flexible and scalable hardware
  • Easy to set up and intuitive to use
  • 'Plug & Play' hardware
  • 100% Microsoft PowerPoint® integration
  • Comprehensive data reporting utility
  • Anonymous, tracked or demographically segmented results
TurningPoint Response System ResponseCard

Powerful TurningPoint Software

TurningPoint voting software

Using the simple TurningPoint software enables you to transform a standard PowerPoint presentation into a powerful 'interactive presentation' that truly engages your audience! Presenters can ask questions, opinions and survey the audience's knowledge and understanding.

Software highlights

  • Easy Installation - Plug and play hardware setup
  • Native to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Customize your presentations with graphs, countdown timers and correct answer indicators
  • Multiple post-session reporting options

We can provide your organisation with the software training and support so that you benefit most from owning your own system.

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